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TCC work hard to minimise the impact that cleaning has on the environment. We use environmentally friendly products wherever possible to minimise this impact.

With this in mind we use The Enviro range of cleaning chemicals which has been formulated to ensure the
impact is kept to an absolute minimum and has been designed to comply with all current European
Regulations concerning biodegradability and the preservation of the environment.

These products are produced by Jangro, and includes manufacturers complying with ISO
accreditation and EU regulations, covering biodegradability and protection of the environment; use
of recycled materials, and consuming less energy during product whilst reducing emissions to air,
water and land.

We use a number of concentrated Enviro products, which are put into pre-printed trigger bottles
and diluted ready for spray cleaning; also saving on packaging waste.

All of our staff have been shown how to use these products safely and effectively, with an emphasis on
following the charts and product usage guides supplied to enable getting the best results whilst
being environmentally conscious about the products we use.

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